Whole Life Warship Capability Management Training course

Whole Life Warship Capability Management

A unique course for the Australian defence community, tailored to manage the capability, acquisition and sustainment phases of warship ownership

As our local defence industry prepares for a substantial shift to shipbuilding, having a workforce that is well trained and informed about the critical elements of warship capability management is crucial.  

BMT Design & Technology’s Whole Life Warship Capability Management training course provides detailed insight into the acquisition and capability management of a warship, throughout the complete life-cycle.

Course participants can expect training content delivered in a set of 28 modules that cover the complete array of theory and practical guidance for the consideration of warship design, management, maintenance and disposal;

  • Warship concept development and design management
  • Regulation, seaworthiness & safety systems
  • Warship design processes and requirements management
  • Platform systems and fundamentals of Naval Architecture
  • Above and below water Battlespace systems
  • Production, sustainment and cost engineering

The course content covers key elements for professionals who are looking to gain knowledge and skills in warship acquisition, management or disposal.  It has been designed to ensure all participants gain valuable insight regardless their experience and industry background. 

  •   Royal Institution of Naval Architects endorsed training
  •   Skilling Australia’s Defence Industry Programme (SADI) funding approved
  •   Trainers collectively possessing over 100 years of naval engineering experience
  •   Unique networking opportunities
  •   Ongoing support from the naval engineering community
  •   All course materials included

The course is delivered over 5 days by a team of discipline specialists, experienced and knowledgeable BMT consulting engineers. The class size is limited to a small group enabling tailored discussions on the content and increased group interaction in an open learning environment.

For more information about the course and its presenters see the course overview linked above.