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Submarine Design & Engineering Course




Course Details

The BMT Design & Technology Submarine Design and Engineering Course presents delegates with the latest thinking and innovations in submarine design. The course will equip delegates with a complete understanding of conventional submarine technology and knowledge of how capability requirements and new technologies can impact on the overall submarine design.

Certified by The Royal Institution of Naval Architects, the course has been running for over six years and has earned a reputation for providing delegates with practical and current knowledge. Delegates from engineering backgrounds will learn how to apply practical approaches to solving technical challenges across key aspects of submarine design.

The course also caters to students from non-technical backgrounds, providing an understanding of the military capability in conventional submarines and the considerations involved in the defence acquisition process. Attendees will become part of an elite group of Alumni, providing excellent networking opportunities and ongoing support from the Submarine community.

Course Contents 

• Submarine Roles and Operations
• Modern Conventional Submarines
• The Weapon Platform
• Naval Architecture
• Propulsion Systems
• Command and Control Systems
• Hull Systems
• Design & Safety


"Ideal for anyone currently or considering working on submarine projects of any type.  This course has excellent technical content and provides a broad knowledge baseline."   - Dev Ranmuthugala, Head of Dept Maritime Engineering, Australian Maritime College.