Concept Development

Naval Architecture and Structural Engineering

Our expert team of engineers provide structural engineering and naval architecture services over a wide range of maritime applications.

Naval Architecture

BMT provides a whole of ship, submarine and commercial marine structures design and support service which covers all facets of naval architecture skills and knowledge.  The naval architecture department undertakes a complete range of technical work in support of Naval vessels, commercial shipping projects and bespoke vessel designs for the mineral sands, mining and resources industry.

Naval architecture services include:

Stability analyses

  • Intact and damaged stability assessments to Naval and commercial standards.
  • Inclining experiments and deadweight surveys.
  • Preparation and update of Trim and Stability books.
  • Residual buoyancy assessment.
  • Assessment of remedial actions to improve intact and damaged ship stability.
  • Stability management plans.

Ship motions and manoeuvring

  • Analytical and numerical analysis of the behaviour of ships operating in a seaway.
  • Prediction of ship transfer functions, structural loads due to motion, operability envelopes and motion sickness index.
  • Full-scale ship motion monitoring and sea trial data analysis.
  • Prediction of 2D ship manoeuvring behaviour.
  • Design and analysis of roll-reduction tanks using CFD in partnership with BMT’s in-house design tool.

Ship resistance, powering and range

  • Numerical prediction of total ship resistance.
  • Development of numerical propulsion models and the prediction of installed power requirements.
  • Calculation of range, fuel requirements and optimum operating regimes.
  • Hull form design analysis and optimisation.
  • Planning and execution of full scale speed trials.

Structural Engineering

Whether the customer needs are the analysis of existing structural components or the design of a new structural system, BMT Design & Technology is committed to providing tailored solutions for the industry.  We can provide concept and detailed design of structures in aluminium, steel and a range of other products depending on the project requirements.

Our team uses leading edge software and hardware to provide rapid answers to complex problems involving stress analysis, stability, hydrodynamics and control systems.

BMT can provide:

  • Stress Analysis and Finite Element Analysis (FEA);
  • Structural Dynamics (FEA); and
  • 3D Modelling and 2D Drafting.