Commercial Marine

BMT Design & Technology's team of dedicated, highly motivated and qualified personnel apply a mix of technologies and knowledge to ensure that our customers receive a complete solution.

Commercial Marine

Throughout the entire ship systems life-cycle BMT Design & Technology offers unbiased expertise in all aspects of commercial marine engineering, including capability development and requirements analysis, platform and systems management, marine propulsion machinery, ship and hull machinery, and electrical systems and equipment. BMT Design & Technology maintains a deep technical expertise through our research, technical investigation and assessment, and operational feedback received from supporting in-service ships and submarines.

Whatever the challenge our dedicated, highly motivated and qualified personnel apply the mix of technologies and knowledge necessary to ensure that our solutions provide the optimum results in terms of cost, schedule and performance.

Marine services provided by BMT Design & Technology include:

  • Capability development.
  • Requirements analysis and development.
  • Propulsion design and analysis.
  • Electrical power system modelling and analysis.
  • Computational modelling of mechanical systems.
  • Specification, design, test and analysis of auxiliary systems including power, hydraulics, HVAC, water and air services.
  • Noise and vibration analysis.
  • Materials management.
  • Fire safety management.
  • Though life support and obsolescence management.
  • Development of technical publications.