Acquisition Support

BMT Design & Technology assists the successful development and execution of acquisition programs through the application of a robust systems engineering approach.

Acquisition Support and Strategy

The application of competent engineering design and evaluation effort in concert with an understanding of technical and safety risk associated with specific programs is essential to maintain acquisition programs on schedule and to achieve the requirements of safety and fitness-for-purpose.

In recognition of this imperative, BMT Design & Technology has developed an integrated set of fundamental processes to ensure that front-line equipment is introduced into service as efficiently as possible, while maintaining the requirement to:

  • Establish and evolve a complete and consistent set of requirements that will enable delivery of feasible and cost-effective system solutions;
  • Satisfy the cost, schedule and risk constraints;
  • Provide a system, or any portion of a system, that satisfies stakeholders over the life of the products that make up the system; and
  • Provide for the safe and cost-effective disposal or retirement of the system.

All engineering activity conducted within BMT Design & Technology in support of acquisition programs is controlled by an integrated process framework consisting of systems engineering, risk management and safety management, operating within an overarching quality control framework.

212 BMT Acquisition Support 03The maritime and defence environment is a complex system of systems to which BMT Design & Technology provides structure through an applied systems engineering approach. It focuses on defining customer needs and required functionality early in the development cycle, documenting requirements and then proceeding with design synthesis and system validation.

BMT Design & Technology possesses the diverse range of skills required to support acquisition programs at all the key stages, with expertise in:

  • Requirements Capture;
  • Concept Development;
  • Operational Concept Definition;
  • Function and Performance Specification;
  • Cost Modelling, Investment Appraisal and Business Case Development;
  • Industry engagement (Request for Information/Proposal/Tender);
  • Program Management; and
  • Test and Trials, Verification & Validation and Acceptance.