Offshore Loading Buoy Concept

The Offshore Loading Buoy provides a means of loading bulk carriers and tankers where suitable port facilities are not available.

The buoy is a fixed circular hullform anchored by six mooring lines. The upper deck structure and piping are able to rotate via a large diameter bearing allowing the connected tanker to weather vane freely. The tanker is connected to the buoy via a hawser arrangement.

Principle Particulars

Hull Diameter                9.00                  m

Skirt Diameter               11.20                m

Draught                        3.00                  m

Hull Height                    5.00                  m

Total Height                  8.60                  m

Displacement                200.00              t

Operating Depth            30.00                m

Pipe Diameter               320                   mm

Tanker Size                   130,000            dwt

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Useful Information

The Offshore Loading Buoy is capable of meeting the requirements of the following codes:
DNV-OS-E403: Offshore Loading Buoys
ABS: Rules for Building and Classing Single Point Moorings
LR: Other Ship Types and Systems