Floating Desalination Plant

BMT Design & Technology has developed a novel concept design to aid in the relief of the growing global water shortage.

Using our extensive design team of naval architects, marine engineers, systems engineers, safety and risk management and mechanical engineers; BMT Design & Technology has conducted technical and commercial studies into the integration of a desalination plant onto a semi-permanent offshore facility.

BMT Design & Technology will progress the concept further by working together with industry specialists who will provide the required desalination skill and expertise.

The concept is scalable to up to 150 million litres per day. Under standard Victorian water restrictions this would supply almost one million people with their total daily usage of water.

Given the mobile nature of the design, the vessel would be able to respond to natural disasters or other severe water shortages in the Asia Pacific region or around the globe. In this role, the offshore platform can utilise its ability to manoeuvre in close proximity to coastal locations, thus giving the advantage of not requiring costly sub-sea pipe systems to deliver the water ashore.

The vessel would employ an onboard power station which eliminates power loss in transmission and does not place a strain on grid power, whilst also allowing the vessel to operate in remote locations.

A large environmental concern over desalination is the impact on marine life due to the release of brine into the ocean. This design encompasses diffuser technology to disperse the salt water effectively. In addition, unlike a stationary desalination plant, if salt levels reach higher than average levels the vessel can simply move to a new location to allow the water to return to original salinity.

BMT Design & Technology is looking for interested industry partners with expertise in desalination technology to continue to progress the concept.

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Output: Scalable to up to 150 million litres per day
Reach: Close to shoreline