Aegir Tanker

The Aegir family is based on a proven commercial design offering a mature yet customisable blueprint for unique capability requirements.

By adopting commercial design rules, local shipyards are able to build and support Aegir-based designs, meaning that customers not only benefit from tailored solutions, but can also guarantee sovereign control for supportability post-build.

This blueprint for economical tanker design has already been adopted by several of the world’s navies, including the UK’s Royal Fleet Auxiliary who recently chose a detailed customisation of the Aegir-based platform as their preferred solution for their MARS tanker. 

The twin skeg hull-form extends double-hull protection to bunkers as well as cargo tanks and is capable of handling warships’ waste water discharges.

The propulsion configuration capitalises on energy efficiencies gained from new technologies. The system facilitates standard naval auxiliary practices for reliable and efficient operation at task force speeds over extended periods, yet is flexible and economic at all other times.

Capable of performing both liquid and solid replenishment at sea, the Aegir design also accommodates a flight deck, allowing for VERTREP to supplement RAS operations.

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Useful Information

Scalable family of designs for double-hull, twin-skeg Auxiliary Oiler (AO) and Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment (AOR) vessels
Close-in weapon system
Military communications system
Diesel electric propulsion
Dual-use cargo tanks (AVCAT or Dieso)
Compatible with any RAS rig manufacturer