Design Portfolio

BMT Design & Technology is committed to developing design solutions for its customers, in both the defence and commercial arena.

  • Offshore loading buoy

    Offshore Loading Buoy Concept

    The Offshore Loading Buoy provides a means of loading bulk carriers and tankers where suitable port facilities are not available.

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  • Floating Desalination Plant

    BMT Design & Technology has developed a novel concept design to aid in the relief of the growing global water shortage.

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  • Submersible Delivery Vehicle

    The SDV is a concept development produced by BMT Design & Technology engineers.

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  • Caimen Landing Craft

    BMT’s Caimen designs meet the modern demand for affordable and adaptable fast landing crafts. Fundamental to BMT's Caimen designs are flexibility, increased speeds and enhanced safety functions.

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  • Aegir Tanker

    The Aegir family is based on a proven commercial design offering a mature yet customisable blueprint for unique capability requirements.

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  • BMT VENATOR®-110 Frigate

    VENATOR-110 Frigate is a flexible and tailorable modern warship, able to provide a spectrum of credible capability from Maritime Security to Warfighting worldwide at an affordable procurement cost.

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