Sam Hunnibell



Role: Graduate Naval Architect



Bachelor of Engineering, Naval Architecture (Honours)



Royal Institution of Naval Architects (Associate Member)



I started my working career in early 2016 and have contributed to a number of commercial design projects since then.  I have been able to use my skills in Computer Aided Drafting, structural analysis and design, and vessel stability analysis, to develop my core Naval Architecture skill set. Within the first 6 months of my career, I have been challenged to discover my personal strengths and career interests. 




Why were you interested in working for BMT Design & Technology?

Having just finished university, I was excited to get as much experience as possible. I had a very open mind - no one specific area within Naval Architecture that I wanted to focus on. BMT D&T is exposed to such variety of work in the Maritime field, both in Defence and also within the Commercial area. So my position here has allowed me to gain the diversity of work that I was after.  I have already broadened my skill set as a Naval Architect and laid the foundation for my future career.


How does the graduate program work?

The program provides a supportive and encouraging environment for the initial stages of my career. It is a 4 year program so I have the time to develop as an engineer.  I'm also being mentored by some of the leaders in the industry who are coaching and guiding my learning and application.


What has been most challenging to date?

Every day presents a new challenge.  It has been a steep learning curve in a professional sense, to apply technical knowledge learned at university to such an array of projects.  And to do so effectively.


What is the most surprising aspect of your role?

The most surprising thing so far has been how widespread throughout Australia our projects are.  I have already had the opportunity to travel interstate for project work, which was exciting and also gave me exposure to different environments - working alongside senior leaders, with clients, contractors and other stakeholders. 


What advice would you give to current students?

While you are studying, take any opportunity for work experience and development that presents itself.  Both around university and within industry. It sounds cliché, but each opportunity you take allows you to learn more skills and techniques, and things pop-up where these skills definitely come in handy.

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