Aidan Depetro


Role: Business Case Services LeadAidan



Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)

Master of Engineering, Fire Safety & Risk

Graduate Diploma, Fire Safety & Risk Engineering



Institute of Engineers Australia (CPEng)

International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (CCEA)


I joined BMT Design & Technology in 2008 after a move from the auto industry early in my career. I spent two years doing design and engineering assessment projects for navy ships, which was a great way to learn the ropes of both the marine and defence industries. In 2010 I was seconded to the UK for a 12 month placement with BMT RCL which gave me the opportunity to travel and work in Europe.  During my time at RCL I developed my modelling and risk analysis skills which have set the tone for my career today.

Since returning to Australia, I have worked predominantly on decision and risk analysis tasks. This involves taking a scientific, evidence-based approach toward determining the optimal designs, acquisitions and other decisions in support of navy and commercial marine projects. I’ve found this both challenging and rewarding.  I’m looking forward to what comes next in an exciting time for the maritime defence industry in Australia.




Why were you interested in working for BMT Design & Technology?

There were three key things about BMT that captured my interest as a young engineer:

  • Ships.  As a mechanical engineer, I found ships to be incredibly interesting because of the scale and variety of mechanical systems required to make a ship work;
  • Consulting.  Work as a consultant involves using a diverse range of skills on a varied, constantly changing portfolio of projects;
  • Independence.  Not being aligned to any particular manufacturer or designer affords more freedom to be objective and creative.


How does the professional development program work?

For me, the PDP is all about thinking about how you want to shape your career, the things you want to learn, and the goals you want to achieve. The PDP then provides the structure, support and resources to make things happen, so that you always feel that you’re growing and taking steps towards the next key milestone in your career.


What has been most challenging to date?

Combining work and study is always challenging, so completing my Master’s degree would have to be one of the most challenging things I’ve done to date. In terms of projects; the first fleet-wide Navy Life Extension Study involved co-ordinating five teams of engineers, surveying and analysing nine different classes of ships spread across the country, then analysing the output of the study to provide meaningful advice and useful insights to the Navy.


What is the most surprising aspect of your role?

As I’ve progressed into a senior engineering role, supervision and mentoring of younger engineers is something I never really thought about, so I’ve been surprised just how interesting and rewarding it can be. Over the last few years, I’ve enjoyed helping our up and coming engineers and they continue to surprise me with just how much they can do.


What advice would you give to others as they progress through their careers?

I think the most important thing in your career is to always feel like you’re going somewhere. Have a plan for your career, always be working toward your next goal and never stop challenging yourself. It gives you a constant source of motivation and satisfaction and I believe its key to staying happy in your career.

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