Developing your Career

Career framework


We are committed to helping our diverse workforce develop their talent, and understand the unique needs and objectives of each individual. 

Within our Career Framework there are a number of established development paths to cater for people at different stages of their career.  Each route forms an essential part of our business, so whether you stay within a single path, or move across these paths at various stages of your career, you will be recognised and rewarded equally at all levels.

The framework outlines the key requirements of each path, to help facilitate conversations around career direction and personal development planning.  It also defines the behaviours that are required to support individuals and the business in achieving objectives and goals.

With BMT Design & Technology your career can be as broad and as varied as you can imagine.



  • graduates


    Our graduates are given access to real projects, top talent and a program that lets them chose their direction. If you share our desire to shape the industries in which we work, join us and start building the foundation for your future career.

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  • internships


    Our paid internships help to nurture inquisitive minds and build a desire to challenge individuals and the world around them. Our interns learn quickly, are natural problem solvers and thrive on innovation.

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  • work experience

    Work experience placements

    We understand the desire to explore all the possibilities when planning for your future career. That's why our work experience placements are filled with opportunities to discover all that BMT Design & Technology has to offer.

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