The Aegir Logistics and Support Vessel (LSV) Design for the Royal Norwegian Navy – a multi-role flexible platform

BMT Presentation at Pacific 2015

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The contract for the design and build of the Norwegian Logistics and Support Vessel (LSV) was placed with the DSME/BMT Team in June 2013 with delivery of the ship scheduled towards the end of 2016. HNoMS Maud will be the largest ship to have flown the flag of the Royal Norwegian Navy and will bring exciting new capabilities to the Norwegian Armed Forces. This paper will explain the operating context that this new platform will operate within, and how the multi-role flexibility that is embodied in the design can be exploited to support different mission scenarios.

The paper will explore the benefits of the collaborative design process that was adopted, including integrated safety management and ILS, and the regulatory framework to which the LSV is designed. The project incorporated a focus on whole life costing to ensure a low cost of ownership.


 download-ico-01.png Full paper download will be available after the presentation