Technical Skills for the Submarine Sustainment Workforce – Putting the Q and the E into SQEP

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Recent studies have emphasised the importance of a skilled technical workforce to support Australia’s Submarine industry. Whilst typically focusing on design and build aspects, the need is no less urgent - probably more so - for submarine sustainment.

The enterprise responsible for sustaining Australia’s future submarine fleet will have a duty of care to deliver a safe, capable platform, and at the same time achieve availability targets for operational tasking. This challenge can only be met with the right people, enables by processes, tools and knowledge, at all levels.

With the acquisition of a larger, more complex and capable submarine fleet, the challenges and demands for the sustainment workforce will grow proportionally. Numbers and qualifications alone cannot deliver the range of skills and experience necessary to sustain our most complex naval platform.

A program for delivery of a sustainable, suitably qualified and experienced workforce for the next 30 years is required; built around a majority of local workers, with less dependence for short term experienced imports and less reliance on individual heroics when experience is spread thin.

With these challenges in mind, this paper will explore the frameworks and programs which can help deliver the ‘people’ element of our future submarine sustainment enterprise. This will build on the experience of other submarine operating nations and in particular from companies like BMT, who have created an enhanced learning and development program to suit their specific skill development needs.


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