Submarine Rolling Research, Design & Engineering Program

BMT Presentation at SubSTEC 4

Clock Time: 10:55 15th November




The success of a naval submarine is driven by its ability to maintain its capability edge. The shift in the present-day battlespace to manage not only the traditional range of blue water military roles but also key operations in the littoral, has brought significant implications on the design of future submarines and their ability to achieve key objectives. The strategic role of the modern conventional submarine in this emerging battlespace is apparent through the proliferation of the types of assets in the Asia Pacific region.

For a regionally superior conventional submarine, the capability edge is founded on the implementation and adaptation of advanced technology. Therefore, there is a need to establish a structured program of research and rapid development aligned to Australia’s submarine capability aspirations and acquisition programs that maintain and continually push the nation’s strategic advantage.

Development of a comprehensive Australian submarine research, design and engineering program is proposed, under the direction of the Commonwealth and in partnership with industry and academia. The aim of the program is to identify capability priorities and provide a long-term technology development framework to achieve these objectives. This rolling program, with a 10-year time horizon, will continue to develop the key designs, tools, methodologies and technologies in line with the submarine program’s requirements and schedule.

This aligns with the proposed continuous build program which will deliver flights of submarines through which technologies and new capability requirements can be introduced. This evolutionary process is principally supported by the rolling research, design and engineering program.


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