Applying Asset Management to Sustain a Multi-Class Submarine Fleet

BMT Presentation at SubSTEC 4

Clock Time: 11:25 15 November




SEA1000 will design, build and deliver 12 submarines with the first vessel predicted to enter operational service by the mid-2030s. During this rolling introduction, new submarines will operate alongside ageing Collins Class submarines, some of which will have undergone significant physical baseline changes through ‘life of type extension’ upgrades.

Reactive sustainment methods for fatigued and aged platforms will be wholly unsuited to meet the demands of Australia’s future multi-class submarine fleet; proactive asset management principles and practices must be enmeshed within submarine sustainment methodology to deliver affordable submarines that can meet operational tasking.

Asset management stresses the importance of integrating asset-related decisions with organisational goals, whilst ensuring equal or higher return on investment by minimising cost, or total asset life cycle cost, through careful acquisition, sustainment (i.e. maintenance and modernisation), and disposal policies.

Effective life cycle management consolidates objectives across a range of disciplines within the Submarine Enterprise to balance those objectives against internal and external requirements and concentrates on each submarine’s total life cycle. Asset management principles and practices applied to submarines will deliver a Fleet Life Cycle Management capability to the Submarine Enterprise.

This will significantly enhance programmatic decisions by relating technical, commercial, and capability factors on the anticipated mission-related economic benefits derived from acquisition and procurement through in-service sustainment and eventual disposal. Fleet Life Cycle Management will provide a common method for making sustainment decisions in conjunction with enterprise-level goals and Total Cost of Ownership considerations in an integrated fashion to optimise submarine fleet availability, capability and affordability.


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